Here at iLove ice cream, our love language is providing you with delicious homemade ice cream made with simple ingredients that have been tested and perfected over time. Born out of a dream to share this timeless, classic treat with others through social gatherings, we hope to globally extend our impact.  iLove ice cream functions as a social enterprise whose mission is three-fold. By merging our passions for creating over ten scrumptious flavors, gathering people for a common purpose, and linking arms as we engage in social activism, our mission transcends the borders of our community.

iLove ice cream strives to bring awareness, education, and prevention to some of the darkest issues on the planet- poverty, abuse, and the resulting illegal commercial sexual exploitation of the world’s most vulnerable women and children. Second to drug trafficking, it is the world’s largest organized crime, devastating entire families, communities, and cultures. In our own community of Houston, TX alone, there are over 300 active brothels, and it is one of the country’s largest hubs and prime locations for human trafficking. This reality is our driving force. Our vision is to expand our network by collaborating with individuals such as yourselves, businesses, and faith communities who are compassionate, motivated to seek justice, and willing to join us in this global initiative.

How You Can Help:

We are in the early stages of iLove ice cream, and we need your help to give legs to this vision. iLove ice cream has t-shirts for sale the profits from the sale of our t-shirts will go towards purchasing our commercial grade small batch ice cream machine and the renovation of Lucy (our ice cream trailer). Thank you for becoming an important part of making iLove ice cream become a reality. For more information on how to help, visit the link under our "Goods" tab above.

We are only as effective as the strength of our partnerships, and no contribution or effort is too small.